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6 years in the making

Hey you never know, this could be the last miserable whimper I'll whisper into the ears of my peers and microphone stand



released March 11, 2017

Ruben Luna
Evan Stack



all rights reserved


Talk Show Sound Plano, Texas

we've lost all sense of hearing


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Track Name: Back to Neptune
A child-like mind deprived
A castle gone in the wave
Aware this time, can that be me?
Unfold, taking it all in
A taste, a hint of ignorance
Bright blue and neon green
I know, I know, I know
I dwell too much

I'll just wait, I'm on my way
An atmosphere so virgin
Grow old to die and die to grow
The heaviest weight to bear
But I'm so close, these songs a sieve
And days flow through undisturbed
I know, I know, I know
I dwell too much

I dwell too much
Track Name: (It's A Lifestyle)
High rise office buildings
Cashiers, midnight stockers
Thirty minute breathers
Aging baby boomers
Schitzophrenic, brainless
Insecure and lonely
Law books, calculators
Restless people

Average folk sent to the wells
Unique just everybody else
Average folk sent to the wells

In this monochrome we
Reminisce on colored
Photographs and smiles
We can't name at this point
Faces in our daydreams
Gone and most forgotten
Just for this lifestyle
Let's not look at the clock

Average folk sent to the wells
Unique like everyone else
Average folk sent to the wells

To the wells
To the wells
To the wells

I swear, I'm not who you all are
Look at me and bring them back
The boys and girls we left at home
The reason for us
In this monochrome we
Reminisce on colored
Photographs and smiles
We can't name at this point

Average folk sent to the wells
Unique like everyone else
Average folk sent to the wells
Track Name: The Singing Heart
One chapter, a drop in the pond
He promised he won't be too long
But he'll kneel and he'll pray
So you think you've had enough?
Thicken your skull and hold on
We're in for a ride, boy

The fun's just begun
It's just Monday morning
Of a long, long, long week

Look back
Look up
Track Name: Lake at the Arbors
These are the workings of the modern human heart
The machines they drive
Faulty and defective
Working hard to ruin someone's day
You know who you are
And you know who you wanted

She's waiting in line and complaining again
Something didn't go her way
And someone's gotta pay

But her husband's at home preaching the words
Of the republican lunatic
Who's writing himself into an Orwell classic

The daughter sold herself to a bunch of greek letters
A philanthropist
She's a torso in a doorframe chanting til the day she dies

With his boots in the ground and his polo shirt tucked in
The brother watches the gates
Red solo cup in hand and an eye on the candy

I'm coming too but they only let gals in

So come on down with your gluten free fruit snacks
And open wide
And sing your politics
When nobody asks

Don't be offended
When you're on the spot
It's our decision
And you're not in control

Give me a break
You're joking right?
Now look at the man
Who walks down the street

And tell me who you think he is
I know you'll see strange
and I know you'll see mean
And I know you'll see every fucking thing

but I'll stand looking down on you
who's lost it all, and lost what's next
and lost what never could have been

so dearest friend, i speak to save
give us a break, give us a break
you're nothing like the rest of us

so step on down, down from your head
and quit your childish masquerade
and learn to feel under the skin
and learn to hide what ends our time
we're all defective and alive

the truest man sees who you are
and not who you wish you could be,

the truest man sees who you are
and not what they think you ought to be
Track Name: Birdsong
No birdsong
In these woods
Acres of pine

You won't hear
I never spoke

Tell me this:
Did you even notice?
The week I went missing?
The year I went missing?
Or was there even a time
You knew I was there?

I'm sorry my heart beats
I'm sorry it loves

I'm sorry you're perfect
And god
Oh god
I'm so sorry
For what you'll be

And as I walk
Through these
Acres of pine

I will wonder
Why I
Wrote this fucking song
For you

But I hope you hate this one as much as I do
Track Name: Happy Days
A distant storm to end the night
The pitter patter on the glass
The laughter after street kids cry
"Spring is here, oh spring is here"
Then drive and drive to New Orleans
And San Anto and Mickey Mouse
While watching english rock bands play
The baritone and timpani
At football games and marching shows
You smoked and drank on heaven's day
On Saturdays of video games
The Bellas Artes Sessions ring
The bedroom conversation scene
Your mind drifts back to senior year
To watching everybody bend
And grow and stretch and fall in place
But they'll be back eventually
And I'll be back from Mexico
And you'll be back from Timbuktu
The people that you're singing for
That slept in everybody's house
That housed the festival you shared
And now you've realized what they are
They're happy days, they're happy days
And now you've realized what they are
They're happy days, they're happy days
Track Name: Settle Down
In deep blue bliss
I purged
As you spiralled
Around my plunge
A cathartic,
Nostalgic fall,
To bed

To outer space
Towards sea
That sinking ship
My own hand
Reaches for help
And I'll reach back
One day

And when I woke
I'd missed it all
The golden age
And planet earth
We've seen so much
And ask for more
We've just begun
And just
Track Name: Bella, Bella
I don't speak to talk
And I write to draw
And I don't have the words
Or a prayer to give
Well not anymore
I'm just making noise
Till it sounds pretty
Or pretty fucked up

And don't get me wrong
I'm present among
Every last note
That echoes right now
And I'm bleeding into
The wavelengths you hear
But the moon won't exist
If nobody looks at it

More than an hour
My message is clear
I have more to say
But I'm losing my voice
You're no longer here
Or you never were
I would've left too
After hearing one chord

Thousands of trumpets
All playing for you
A fanfare so gray
And heard everyday
He turned his horn back
And he played on his own
His color was lost
And he's losing it too

It's not three minutes
And it's not top fifty
But hey it's human
And more alive too
It isn't refined
And it isn't dancing
It's moving as hell
And it's nothing at all

It's nothing at all
Well not anymore

Give me more reasons
To pop the champagne
I said give me more reasons
To pop the champagne
It's been almost six years
And I'm dying to live
But hey you never know
This could be the last

Miserable whimper
I'll whisper into
The ears of my peers
And microphone stand
I've got better things to do
And a new word to say
But till that time
Here's a story of mine

Walk across the oceans
The waves beneath my feet
Those faces still
Reach for me

So say goodbye
Just in case
Say goodbye
Just in case

Here we are
And here we were
Twenty long years
I've got better things to do now

'Cause darling you don't mean a thing
And I'm sitting in doldrums
Reaching from happy days

(Losing luminosity
Till they're just stars
Among stars

One day
I'll look at you and feel
What you see in me
And I'll feel nothing)

Soon I'll detach
Track Name: Incus
I'm going guys
I'm calling it day
Just let me know
If it died in vain

This isn't pain
This isn't heartbreak
This isn't anger
This is just routine

It's so very beautiful
And so very dead
And I'll die with it

But its been a pleasure
You're no friend or foe
You're everything else
Like everyone else

You're so very beautiful
And you're so very dead
And I'll die with it

Something's ahead
Just after you
And since all I do
Is just for you

I need to prepare
I need to embrace
The season
Of godspeeds
To come

It's so very beautiful
And so very dead
And I'll die with it

But its been a pleasure
You're no friend or foe
You're everything else
Like everyone else

You're so very beautiful
And you're so very dead
And I'll die with it

I'm not sure how long
Of a walk this will be
You're looking at me
But I'm not what you see
And I'm not in this moment
And I'll never venture forth
The metalshop behind my ears
The burning tears, the past few years
And you
You make me so happy, but joy isn't love
And at this point I've felt
Everything between treason, good riddance
And a gorgeous disease
The nothingness inside your eyes
Is the same one I feel
As I picture what my future holds
With you somewhere in sight
And your roseless bloom
Inspires me to write down my plight
I've been playing my serenade
Since the evening you came into
And my blood ridden fingertips
Can't find words to describe
And the same cat that took my tongue
Isn't listening now
And the people that you stack on me
Know what I am
And they're pulling you over my head
They're pulling you up from the earth
I can't reach, or call you down
Because the ground I'm buried underneath
Is no place for angels oh
God damn it I've been here before
I know now how this walk will end
We'll reach a drop, a mile high
A flight that you cannot survive
So look at me one more time
Because I'm not there, I'm up ahead
Track Name: My Prospect
(So let's go
And pray
That one day
We'll sing side by side)
Track Name: Different
I fear we'll only have the moon to share
Past the city limits and the autumn's eve
You will find me there, I'll find you here
In the second life, in someone's shoes
A different name, but not in flesh
In spirit and in memory
Dance the distance prove me wrong
I hope I'm wrong, I hope I'm wrong

Return whenever it may be
You'll be there when I'm not
Things will be good and things will be bad
But I'll stay here, a heart that's stuck asleep
Laughing in pain
Peaceful death is for the weak
So I'll throw myself into the sun

(You've got great things ahead
Just hope that you grew inside)

And you just started
And it'll never be over
But that's what I think

Just a little lost I'll be okay
You've been everything I needed in this life
I'll be coming back someday
A more familiar face
Don't let me return like this
Track Name: The Archive
This one's for the night
My own outer space
Will fall you through

Dear god, I am mad
We said it ourselves
We said it once again

My moons will align
I waited for the
Act of creation

Dear god, I am mad
That's the best I've had
Take me jupiter
In your eye

Nothing never fails
Just keep waiting there
And I've waited long enough
Track Name: 79
I'm sorry if I insult you and I'm pleased that I have flattered you

If you happen to be just an outsider, be rest assured

Disregard all of my words, cuz everything went just my way